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Friday, 30 October 2015 09:45
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I got snowed on yesterday.

Oh, it wasn't at all serious. And it isn't all that unusual for West Michigan to see flakeage sometime in October. And there was no accumulation -- it was 41°F, after all. But I did see many small white things falling out of the sky in Kalamazoo as I finished my drive in on Thursday. And there were still flakes falling on me as I walkered from Blazer to Everett.

The month is ending with cold, wet weather. Will even rain on the little kiddies on Saturday's Halloween. November, however, is going to start with a week in the 60s, even 70s, and sunshine. Go figure.

Wednesday was Exam 2 day in both my classes. Unlike Monday and Tuesday, which started in the 30s, I realized it was 50°F at 7:30, with a high of about 55°F. Since I don't have a proper raincoat currently, I use a waterproof winter coat. I skipped the heavy sweatshirt, since I would've broiled with sweatshirt and coat in the rain -- and I can turn up the heat in the Blazer on the drive. Good call, because the heating system in Everett/Rood was caught off guard. It was hot and humid inside. In fact, the front door to Rood Hall was propped open with a rock.

As for the exams, in a fifty minute class, I'd like to see the first papers turned in between the 20-30 minute mark for PHYS-1070 and 30-40 minutes for PHYS-2070. The former clocked in at just fourteen minutes -- pretty much no one finished before time was called in PHYS-2070. Guess there'll be a curve. Just joking, there's always a curve.

Gas as $2.18.9/gal this morning in Allendale. It's been jumping around this week, sometimes with very different pricing on nearby gas stations, instead of the usual gentlemen's agreement colluding slash responding to market forces. Low of $2.14.9 and high of $2.38.9/gal. The latter, alas, was at the Shell station in Wayland, where I sometimes gas up on the way home. They also are the only station I use with a 29¢ differential, instead of 20¢/gal.

Guess gas prices this week are as uncertain as the weather.

Dr. Phil
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Gas prices have been wandering around in the mid two dollar range for weeks. Strangely, there was quite a stretch in the beginning of the semester when the Kalamazoo stations were running all the way down to $1.99.9/gal for regular, even while Allendale was running at $2.24.9.

I believe I remember that gas on Tuesday was $2.41.9/gal. Wednesday it was $2.38.9/gal. But I got the tank filled at the Shell in Wayland on the way home last night. And that's when I noted something odd.

For years, the differential between grades (regular-midgrade-premium) was about 10¢/gal. Then it crept up to 15¢/gal. With the freefall in gas prices to way under three bucks a gallon, they finally pushed the differential to 20¢/gal/grade.

Yesterday the Shell was selling midgrade -- what the 1996 Blazer prefers -- for $2.68.9/gal. But regular was $2.39.9/gal. That's a differential of 29¢/gal. And the differential to premium was even more. Yikes.

We'll have to see how this shakes out. For a while, even after everyone else had gone to 20¢, Shell in Wayland had still been running at 15¢/gal differential. And I see today that Allendale has jumped up regular to $2.58.9/gal this morning. So... maybe it was just the first parts of the pricejacking.

Or maybe Shell had decided to recoup some of the billions they just lost by deciding to close down their off-shore Arctic drilling in Alaska. (evil-grin)

Would be really sad to be talking about missing the "good old days" when the differential was "only" 20¢/gal. Oh how soon we forget. How soon we get used to the new normals...

Dr. Phil
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I've made it through my first week of teaching this semester.

Well, almost. I still have to drive home today -- and fight my way through the outskirts of Bronco Bash, the annual campus party to start the new year. And it wasn't a full week, since Labor Day -- was that only Monday? -- was not a teaching day.

I'm tired and I hurt. The tiredness comes from having to get out of the schedule I've had mostly since Christmas and the hurt comes from going up and down the lecture halls twice a day -- the single hardest thing I have to do each day. I'd say I was out of shape, but considering my goal was to keep off my foot for most of 2015, that's a little hard to avoid. (grin)

But I've taught all my classes. Got my syllabi out. Assigned to Topic 1 Science Literacy Book Report. Those are the two big two-sided copying jobs for the semester. Used my new Virtual-NT4 workflow to update the class webpages successfully from both ZEPPELIN and OUEST. Notepad doesn't quite work the same way in both Windows NT4 and Windows 7, but I can work around that as long as I know what machine I'm on.

Today I realized I had never installed MathType on OUEST -- that's the full version of the Equation Editor embedded in Microsoft Word. But I was able to find the email from Design Science with the Product Key and downloaded Version 6.9a and got it installed. Nice company, and considering I bought that version on 24 March 2013, nice that the download and codes still work two-and-a-half years later. Other software houses could emulate this. Now I can edit/display equations properly in Word 2013.

Only real workflow annoyance is that I currently don't have the full version of Adobe Acrobat on the Win7 machines, so I can't make 2-up PDFs right now. At least Word 2013 makes a passable Save As PDF file out of the box.

Gas prices are still dropping. In Allendale: Tuesday $2.33.9/gal (except $2.25.9 at Admiral). Wednesday $2.25.9/gal. Thursday $2.24.9. Friday $2.23.9. But in Kalamazoo: Tuesday $2.09.9/gal. Friday $2.05.9/gal.

Go figure.

Benchmark crude oil is around $40/bbl. "They" say that it will be driven down to $20/bbl. An industry "expert" also said on the radio this week that we were "lucky" in the aftermath of the BP Whiting IN shutdown, that gas "only" went up 60¢/gal and not the 90¢/gal it "should have". This was attributed to the snit between Marathon and BP -- and that gas prices fall back down slower than they shoot up, allowing them to "recoup their losses". Ri-ight...

They talked about rain in the middle of the day for K-zoo, and in fact the sidewalks were wet as I went to my 10am and 1pm classes. But the sun just now came out (14:53 EDT), so hopefully I'll be able to pack it up, get out of here and go find out what the packet is that needs my signature at the Post Office in Allendale. My guess, is that it is the sixth Nikon 52mm LC-52 lens cap. I've needed at least six of them to update my old NIKKOR lenses with the new style center-pinch lens caps which go on and off, and stay on, much better than the old ones. They're only $5 plus free shipping on eBay from a retailer in Japan, but you can only order one at a time and wait ten days between orders. Guess this is so he's not stocking someone's store. (grin)

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Thursday, 3 September 2015 12:50
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Last week of August and the weather was practically fall-like. The highs in the 70s, except for one day where I think it only got up to 69°F. Lows were in the 50s, and even the high 40s.

It's September now and... ugh.

Yesterday was one of the top five hot days of 2015. Still didn't break 90°F in Grand Rapids or Kalamazoo, although Mount Pleasant was 90°F on Tuesday and 91°F on Wednesday. Lows have been in the high 60s, low 70s. Heavy fog Tuesday morning. Lighter fog Wednesday morning. And Thursday? Murk. As in humid.

The air feels awful. And in prepping for the Fall Semester -- starts Tuesday! -- I came into Kalamazoo twice. Wednesday and now Thursday. Yesterday was pleasant. But today... ugh. The A.C. in Everett Tower is doing nothing. The air is just as thick and heavy and damp as outside, albeit a little bit cooler. As in a few degrees. Not sure how long it is practical to be here today, although I now hear a background rumbling in the building. Is the A.C. back on? We'll know in a while.

Right now, not only is my skin clammy, but my palms are sticking to the wrist wrest on OUEST. (Say that fast six times!) Thankfully, years ago I rigged up a Radio Shack 110V 5" computer cooling fan and have the air circulating in my little office.

It feels cooler if I turn the overhead lights off.

At home, I had the annual heat pump and furnace checks done on Tuesday, and the big accordion pleated air filter replaced -- not sure that got done last year. But we're in good shape. Had the batteries changed in the thermostat controller. 3xAAA and the old ones tested in the yellow on my tester, so glad I thought of that. High tech worries on a system that used to use just a simple coiled bimetallic strip and a glass bead with two wires and a drop of mercury. Progress.

Gas prices. Well, the BP refinery in Indiana is back in operation. I suppose you could say that gas prices are dropping, though they never seem to fall as fast as they rise. This all while crude oil is running under $40/bbl and in fact is so low that the dreaded fracking oil sources are shutting down exploration and calming down production because oil is too cheap to pay the bills. I'd say that the free market is doing what environmentalists were unable to do to save the planet -- except oil is not exactly a free market.

After regular topped locally at $2.99.9/gal, it dropped to $2.72.9 last week. Wednesday is was $2.52.9/gal and Thursday $2.50.9/gal. "They" are still talking about under two buck a gallon gas by Christmas -- it was supposed to before Labor Day, but then the BP in Indiana "crisis" flared up.

The big summer road projects are beginning to show signs of getting somewhere. Usually during the summer I take "the back way" to connect from M-45 Lake Michigan Drive to M-11 Wilson Avenue. It's curvy and pleasant and takes you away from the big parking lots and three sets of traffic lights at the Meijers in Standale. But... this summer they took out and replaced a bridge. Then they did roadwork on Wilson. And they are currently rebuilding the M-11 28th Street/I-196 intersection and interchange, resulting in me avoiding that area and some ugly detours. Just as well I didn't have summer classes this year.

The bridge on the back road is done and yesterday they were painting a few miles of lines on all the shiny new pavement. Yay. Similarly the new paving on Wilson is done. And all four legs of the I-196 interchange are open again, so I can use my usual routing if I so choose again.

As for Western Michigan University, one can't complain that they don't want to finish up New Student Week with a bang:
The Bronco football team opens its season with a matchup vs. Michigan State at 7 p.m. tomorrow. Sept. 4, at Waldo Stadium. Many WMU offices will close at 2:30 p.m. in anticipation of increased traffic on campus.
Western has never beaten a Big 10 opponent -- and the Spartans are highly ranked nationally. I believe only Ohio State has a better national ranking in the Big 10. Of course rankings mean nothing now and very little later when they are used to justify the networks' choices for bowl games and the mythical pseudo-playoff national champion.

However... I expect Western to give it a good start. And I'll post the results Friday night with the appropriate school LJ icon for the winner. Full disclosure -- I work at Western and indeed worked for a while on a second Ph.D. in Science Education here AND I like Michigan State and have something like two Continuing Education credits from them for taking the six week 2004 Clarion workshop when it was still held in East Lansing.

Tuesday will be a parking zoo on campus. Fortunately, I have the handicapped hangtag, which means I don't have to compete for parking spaces. See, they don't actually ticket students for parking in faculty spots for the first two weeks or so -- and the students know this.

Ugh, indeed.

Dr. Phil
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Wednesday ended up being a good day -- a very productive day.

It almost wasn't.

Late Tuesday night a storm rolled through while I was preparing handouts for a Wednesday meeting. Yes, I have surge protectors -- even on laptops -- but still. If things are going bad, then you just know they'll go all the way to putrid if they have a chance. Meanwhile, the forecast for Wednesday had a nasty line of thunderstorms rolling through Kalamazoo and the US-131 corridor between 11am and noon -- just when I would be expecting to arrive in K-zoo.

Why don't you leave earlier, Dr. Phil? Sure. If I had planned on leaving early, say on a school day, I would be going to bed earlier -- not working on a number of things on the computer until after 3am. I've been using mornings as nap time after getting up with Mrs. Dr. Phil and getting armored up in my foot brace. Left to myself, I'm afraid I tend to go to bed around 4am... I am not going to try to stupidly function on 2-3 hours of sleep.

What was bad about the forecast wasn't just rain, but big storm. 60mph winds. Hail. See, I work really hard to keep my bad foot dry. It was storm water getting into an open blister on my foot which probably caused the initial infection back in April 2013 -- and I'm still recovering from that. Also I still have a hole in my foot, though these days it doesn't go down to the bone. And it's one thing to get in and try to be careful when one is teaching. But for a meeting? Pfft. Alas, rescheduling was going to be complicated.

But by 7:35 in the morning, the Weather Channel app on my Kindle Fire HD was showing that the line of storms wasn't going to come in until 1pm. That was the time of the meeting, so I'd already be on campus. In fact, it never did rain -- percentages were dropping steadily during the day -- not until after dinner in the evening.

So after a nap, quick check of emails, bathroom, a hard boiled egg -- we added an egg to my diet to bring my protein levels up and promote healing, but it's easier to mess with the egg at home (grin) -- I gathered up my stuff and headed out. Time out logged in the Blazer was 10:11.

Gas has been flirting between $2.38.9 and $2.89.9/gal for the last month or so. And then it's been going down -- "$2 gas for Labor Day" said the pundits. Until last week when it shot up 30¢ one day and 30¢ the next, eventually pinging up at $2.99.9/gal for regular. Seems a BP refinery in Indiana was unexpectedly down. This after the gas mavens were already nervous about a West Coast refinery outage, even though there's no way for gasoline to easily cross the Rockies, so their shortage shouldn't have affected Midwest prices. Anyway, this morning regular was $2.87.9, making midgrade $3.07.9 -- except I had a 75¢/gal coupon from Family Failure -- which made it $2.32.9/gal. "$2 gas for Christmas" say the pundits this week.

Don't you love it when your 75¢ discount just happens to be magically eaten up by the 60¢ spike plus the 20¢ grade differential?

The drive in was mostly sunny, with some big clouds playing in between blue patches of sky. It was humid and unfortunately, the A.C. on the Blazer has been getting more and more anemic with each passing week. We'll take it in for a recharge tomorrow. But I couldn't just open the windows. I've been on doxycycline for over a year, and while I've not had much problem with it being a photoreactive antibiotic, in truth I am a little mole person who doesn't get much direct sun. And I needed the UV protection of the glass.

But I got in. My usual handicapped parking space was there. I made copies of the handout I'd written in the wee hours. No problem with making the 1pm meeting.

See I'm teaching PHYS-1070 Elementary Physics this fall -- the 29th time I've taught this course -- and we are switching to a free online Physics textbook. One that we're using for PHYS-1130/1150, the full year course. For the one-semester PHYS-1070, I've been working on chopping it down to a reasonable amount of material. The meeting was about the PHYS-1080 lab course, which is getting completely updated for the first time in a long time. To put it another way, some of the labs previously used had been typed... Making it all interesting is that the three largest group of majors taking this course are pretty different -- Aviation, Speech Pathology and Exercise Science. Good meeting. The lab people have been working hard.

Oh, and while I was on campus, I downloaded the textbook onto my second Kindle Fire HD -- 93MB took about 15 seconds. This is what happens when the WiFi nodes are hooked up to gigabit Internet. At home the DSL is the limiting factor, not the WiFi. My students will have no excuses. (big-grin)

Lunch back at my office. Then a 3pm conference call with the care facility in North Carolina where my mother is these days. Hmm, is it still a conference call when only one person is on the other end? Anyway, things are stable. Stable is good.

Rechecked the Weather Channel app -- no rain until at least 8pm now. No particular reason I had to stay until 5pm or later, so Elvis Left The Building at 4:35. Campus is pretty empty right now. By next week things will begin hopping. So, I took this opportunity to go left, instead of right, out of Lot 61. HEY! They finally fixed the road markings! A couple of years ago they changed the left and right turn lanes onto the street into a single exit lane, to make the entrance lane bigger. Because they had created a new bus stop, taking up a chunk of the parking lot and they needed the clearance for the buses to make the turn. But they put in the new new bus stop last year -- or was it the year before -- freeing back up all the parking spaces. Unfortunately, they left only one exit lane. So normally I turn right and at 5pm I'd be stuck behind all these idiots waiting to turn left onto a traffic jam.

Anyway, the point of my turning left was to go down to Parking Services and get my '15-'16 campus parking hangtag. Yes, as part of the Part-Time Instructors union contract we finally got real parking permits. Before I had to get a temporary permit every semester, which was taped to the far side of the windshield and had to be peeled off and moved if I was driving a different vehicle.

Next week they'll be lines out the doors with grad students, part-timers and some campus apartment dwellers all getting parking. Today? No line. Two wads of people obviously together -- and three clerks. So at 4:45, I was in and out in minutes. Don't even have to sign any stupid paperwork anymore either.

Coming out there was another SUV in one of the 15 minute business parking spots past my Blazer in the Handicapped parking. A black family was standing around their tailgate. In the middle of the parking lot lane was a trio of blonds. Apparently the girls on the right had realized that the college student girl on the left with her family was in their dorm -- and they'd gone over to help the family figure out the byzantine paperwork and parking procedures. Ah... one group of students feeding the hard won arcane knowledge to the next student. Gotta love college.

Easy drive home, except for playing sun battles again. Amazing how you end up with drivers arm in both directions between morning and evening. How is this fair? (evil-grin)

We're getting closer to being operational for Fall 2015...

Dr. Phil
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Wednesday, 25 February 2015 14:32
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Some days it takes forever to get to the office.

Since I've been working late at night writing, I've been napping in the morning. But today was to be mostly sunny with reasonably dry roads and temps above zero, so it seemed a good day to go to the office and see what's up. Also use OUEST to work on the Fall Textbook Project.

Even though I actually went to bed early, I still napped after breakfast -- planning to leave around 10-10:30 so I could put in about half a day in my office. This I managed to accomplish. But it was also a gas day, and I needed to swing by the bank to nab some money. But then as I hit I-196 and went to use my windshield washers... nada. So I made an extra stop in Wayland at the Shell and checked to see if I had another gallon of blue fluid. I did. So I filled it. But now I was behind my time, so went ahead and used their restroom so I could make it into the office from the parking lot without exploding half an hour later. (grin) This is never quite a short procedure for me.

Anyway, eventually I got to Western and other than some wet spots, the place is plowed back and relatively free of snow. Yay.

But... earlier on this run when I got to the gas station, we discovered something.

Actually, let me back up and tell you this funny thing first. There I am, turning from 68th Avenue right to make a Michigan Left Turn and go east on M-45, when I noticed this truck getting ready to make its own Michigan Left Turn. Not a semi, but a long bed rigid heavy duty box truck. Maybe because it had a long frame, it didn't start from the left turn lane, but from the left lane itself, to swing around further.

Which is why I noticed it.

* Clear Cold * ARCTIC GLACIER Premium Ice

Man, you can just see the jokes coming. "It's not a delivery truck, it's coming from the mines here in West Michigan." I wonder how many times the last two winters the driver has gotten kidded about this. I almost asked him, because as I pulled into the Family Failure gas station on the west side, he was entering the station from the east side. And as I pumped gas, he was moving a big pallet of ice bags and loading them into the big white freezers outside the building.

Talk about shipping coals to Newcastle.

Anyway, that was the fun part. Now we're back at the gas pump.

For years the differential between Regular and Midgrade and Premium was 10¢/gallon, sometimes more on the premium end. A while back the differential started jumping up to 15¢/gal. Today, the three grades were:

$2.33.9/gal · $2.53.9/gal · $2.73.9/gal

Yup. The differential was now 20¢/gal.

I'm sure this is all related to the sub-three-buck gas prices we've been rolling around in for months. And a way for the oil companies to try to recoup part of this until the price of oil goes back to the Old New Normal, as opposed to this "unreasonable" New New Normal.

It does beg the question as to how much it takes to make a gallon of 89 octane or 92 octane, versus the 87 octane Regular. Is it a fixed cost per gallon or a percentage? If the former, then what's changed? If the latter, how come the differential jumped from 10¢ to 15¢ when gas was approaching four bucks a pop the other year?

Me? I figure that, like extra airline fees, it's a way to skim some extra money from the those paying more. And yeah, yeah, I know there are going to be a bunch of you tsk-tsking about how I'm wasting money using anything but the cheapest stuff. But the Blazer is a 1996 and is closing in on a third of a million miles. Runs better on Midgrade than Regular.

So it's just a little bit more expensive to run an older vehicle today.

And why oh why am I still complaining about gas prices when it's still just $2.53.9/gallon? (evil-grin)

Dr. Phil
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I drove into town this afternoon to pick up the monthly wad of prescriptions. Coming up on Family Failure, I noted that the gas station was still at $2.38.9/gallon. Five minutes or less later, and as I am pulling away from the pharmacy's drive-thru, I notice that the same station says $2.30.9/gal. Hmm... did they just lower the price? Or are the center light segments on the east side not working on the one number, so that an 8 looks like a 0?

The Mobil turned out to be $2.31.9/gal and Admiral $2.30.9, so I guess the price dropped eight cents in five minutes. (grin) That's a drop of 40%/hour. (double-bad-statistics-grin)

Then, when I get home, Echo is on.

Now I know that I had turned it off ("Alexa pause."), because before I headed out I had to make a phone call. But then what was playing wasn't one of my playlists. And it wasn't WGVU-FM, our NPR station and the last radio we had Echo play from Tune-In this morning. Actually it sounded like the podcast This Week in Blackness, which Mrs. Dr. Phil has been playing on her Kindle.

"Alexa, what are you playing?" "T W I B Prime Episode #642"

I was right. My guess is that Mrs. Dr. Phil had brought up the Amazon Echo app at work and added the podcast to her playlists? And Echo decided to start playing it. At home. With nobody there.

In Physics, this is known as "spooky action at a distance". Who knew that Echo/Alexa was powered by radical quantum physics? (grin/not-grin)

Or else Allendale is haunted.

Dr. Phil
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Since I'm not driving to Kzoo every day -- or even every day at all -- I haven't been beset by watching the gas prices every day. Hence the lack of reports here. However, it's still all insanity.

We had gotten down to $1.77.9/gal, and briefly even lower. Then prices settled in the mid-1.80s and low-1.90s. In the last two weeks prices suddenly jumped up to over two bucks. Mrs. Dr. Phil caught herself thinking OUTRAGEOUS -- then realizing how outrageous it truly was to be outraged by paying two bucks for a gallon of gas.

On Friday gas was $2.26.9/gal, and I filled with mid-grade at $2.41.9/gal (OUTRAGE, I say!). But...

Yesterday, Tuesday, I saw that the same gas station was "down" to $2.20.9/gal. Heading back out of town, I saw Admiral, which always likes to mess with people, had regular at $2.14.9/gal.

Today, Wednesday, seventeen hours later -- and the two main stations in town, Family Failure and Mobil, were at $2.38.9/gal and $2.39.9/gal respectively.

Similar odd happenings are happening with the temperature.

End of last week it got in the mid-30s and briefly got up to 41°F. Then it dropped to single digits over the weekend. And we're back up to mid-30s. With freezing drizzle and possible black ice on the previously dry and cleared roads.

As for Saturday night, every forecast keeps lowering the overnight low. A friend on Facebook said earlier in the week that one of the long range models pegged Grand Rapids at -22.1°F for a low. The Weather Channel app was predicting -4° to zero. Now it's down to -8°F for Allendale. Then over the next week the temps porpoise up and down, no two days looking like the other.

Ah, making light of Michigan's "if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes".

Meanwhile, John Schoffstall of my 2004 Clarion class wants to know exactly what terrible thing Boston had done. Because it's getting hit with snow storm after snow storm -- and not inconsequential ones at that. I don't think they'll be dug out from this one before the next one hits tomorrow. We're talking U.P. level snowfalls, except in a major metropolitan city.

I mean, you can bury Maine any time and mostly the world doesn't care. But Boston? I'm not sure the T was running yesterday.

It's felt as if we've missed everything here in West Michigan. And it's true that we've had long stretches without daily snows. But there's been enough since the start of the year, plus the November pre-winter blizzard, that all the West Michigan communities are still above their average snowfalls to date -- but less than last year's unrelenting pummeling.

WMU has had three snow days this academic year so far.

Meanwhile, the climate change deniers are shrilly declaiming that "it's cold in the Northeast!" and "Antarctic ice has grown!" Failing once again to understand that weather is not climate, that large scale variations and churning are necessary consequences, or how science works.

Dr. Phil
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So... Tuesday I got gas in Allendale. Regular was $2.85.9/gallon, midgrade was $3.00.9/gal, and I didn't even have a coupon. That was at 7:40am.

Coming home around 6pm -- and gas everywhere was $3.25.9/gal.

That's a 40¢/gallon rise just during the work day.



What caused this? I turned on my radio, to catch either NPR news or MarketPlace on NPR. Alas, it's been raining lately and I have a ground problem with my radio, similar to the 1985 Blazer, and so the radio isn't working right now.

So later on after I was home, there were two news stories that "might" be connected, but as per usual, who the hell knows?

One -- the stock market, aka the Dow Jones Industrial Average of an indexed basket of reasonable stocks which changes over time, dropped 450 points. I haven't had a working radio for a couple of weeks, with the weather, but I'm pretty sure that last I heard the DJ was around 17,000 still. But whether 16,000 or 17,000, a drop of 450 is under 3% -- not 14%.

Unless you're sure that this volatility presages the sudden and utter collapse of the U.S. economic system, in which case $3.25.9/gal is way too low.

Two -- a Federal court said that yeah, Texas can implement their Not My Kind Of Right Thinking Voter Suppression Law, on the basis that it's too close to the election to consider allowing a free and fair election. In which case, perhaps the oil companies -- big in Texas -- decided that maybe they didn't have to sweeten the price of gasoline to discourage voters from voting in pols who might be antithetical to Big Business after all. Which had been my own personal crackpot theory of gas prices the last couple of election cycles.

There are gasoline price pundits out there, of course, but what fun would that be to hear what they had to say?

These gasoline blog entries are as much place markers for me as anything, so I can look back at October 2014 and remember.

I'm sure these posts and political side comments are just sterling stuff that my two or three readers can't wait to get their electrons wrapped around another edition.

And they say blogging in general and LiveJournal in particular are dead.

Dr. Phil

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Tuesday, 20 May 2014 13:35
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Gas was $3.63.9/gallon today in Allendale. Except that's not what I paid.

Family Fare ran Yet Another Gas Coupon deal over the weekend, but instead of 50¢ off per gallon for buying $75 or more of groceries, they had a coupon for $2.99.9/gal Regular if you spent over $100.

There was a time when $100 for groceries was hard to do. And you would have an army of bags to bring in the house. Now, not so much, even for just a pair of people with no kids and no pets at the present time.

Still, it wasn't easy, since it excludes some items and this week was a light grocery week. I think Mrs. Dr. Phil said we made it by $5. (grin)

Also, as good as 64¢ off was, it wasn't quite as good a deal as one could get, because it was only for Regular 87 octane. I usually put 89 octane Midgrade in the Blazer. Still, a tank o' the cheap stuff won't hurt it. Although saying one is paying under three bucks a gallon at $2.99.9 is pushing it a bit.

Still, I'm not complaining about Family Failure's marketing efforts. By and large their captive gas station's prices are the same as Mobil, Admiral and Speedway in town -- and Allendale is usually cheaper than Wayland and Grand Rapids -- and the quality is good, we're going to buy most of our groceries there, so why not take advantage of their coupons? You can always get some sort of discount coupon when you buy enough groceries, with tiers to get you 5¢, 10¢, 15¢, etc. off per gallon. And about every two-three weeks recently they've had one of the 50¢ off per gallon coupons, which are good across all three grades.

I wouldn't mind the current gas prices so much if the gas tax for roadway construction and maintenance had kept up with inflation. We're actually driving about the same, I heard recently, but as gas mileage goes up -- those pesky CAFE standards that the frothies claim can never possibly work *** -- we're actually not burning as much gas.

But no, we couldn't possibly bump up the gas tax to reflect the new realities of driving plus the overdue bill from decades of deferred maintenance. ESPECIALLY in an election year.

To his credit, Governor Rick Snyder (R-MI) has been trying to find $1-1.5 billion to really make a dent in Michigan's road repair backlog. Alas, the legislature is working on $300-500 million, which they will tout as a final solution, even though it still ends up putting us at a net loss in maintenance. Sigh.

And so the gas prices jump up and down at whim, and the oil companies rake in massive profits -- totally outside their control they say -- in a mockery of reasonableness.

Oh, and a holiday driving weekend approacheth...

Dr. Phil

*** It is true that to get higher gas mileage, either you have to go to a smaller car or pay more for more technology. However, increased demand for and practical technologies for automobile safety have also driven up prices, so it's hard to tell by how much they've gone up to save some gas. For small hybrids, the increased functional gas mileage over the same car without the hybrid tech won't result in any savings -- you'd have to own for a long time and drive a whole lot of miles to recoup the investment. But... if the goal is to use less fuels, then we can talk. After all, wasteful technology is usually cheaper in the initial cost outlay, but the damage is long term.
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At Least Not In The Forecast

So... we're supposed to have rainy days until about Thursday. Might even have some snow in there as well. But for Monday, the rain was supposed to start about noon. Which explains why on my drive in that the rain drops began to fall about 9am. By 9:15 it was pouring. And at 9:30 when I pulled up to Everett Tower on campus, it was raining hard enough that I put on my rain hat even before I got out of the Blazer.

Oh well. I had an old bag of papers I was bringing, and figured that I could haul it in on my little cart this morning. Except not in the rain. My other bags zipper shut, so they came in just fine.

West Michigan Attempts Spring

Several friends from various parts of the country have been posting pictures of early flowers and other signs of spring. Except for Alaska and Colorado, which keep bringing back snow reports after bouts of more pleasant weather.

We finally, I think, made it up to about 60°F this weekend -- and later this week we may make it almost to 70°F. Saturday was supposed to be windy and raining. We had the gray. We had the blustery winds. But Allendale didn't really see any rain while the sun was theoretically above the horizon. Sunday it was supposed to be sunny all day. Nope. Sun didn't really make an appearance until about 4pm, then it cleared up a bit, though high haze made the sun a bit wan.

Good For The Asparagus?

When my parents were at U of I in Champaign IL, they said that whatever the weather was doing, the farm report would say "it was good for the corn." Weather these days can be good or ill for crops. But there was a piece about Michigan asparagus farmers in nearby Oceana County over the weekend, and they said that the cool spring without a late hard frost (so far) is good for the asparagus. Last year it was hot, not just warm, in February and March, and so the freeze in April damaged a lot of things. The asparagus farmers lost 23% of their pickings. Oceana County accounts for something like 60% of the Michigan asparagus crop. Don't know where Ottawa County fits into that total, but there's an asparagus farm down the road from us and we're eagerly awaiting their first crop, especially since they decided to open up to regular folk for sales the other year. (grin)

As For Gasoline

Last week gas prices slowly made their way down from near four bucks a gallon to $3.85.9/gal. Sunday I noted that regular in Allendale was down to $3.65.9/gal. If I were going to make a prediction -- which I am always loathe to do -- based on what happened at the beginning of the recession, when gas dropped below two bucks a gallon, I'm thinking we're about to see gas prices drop as the Sequester effects begin to really take hold. No guarantees, of course, but I don't think the oil companies want to be made into bogeymen right about now. So they'll lay quiet. Not sure we'll get down to $1.55.9/gal again, but under three? I can see it in a few weeks.

Dr. Phil
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Checked the TV to find that the expected freezing rain was causing some issues this morning. Just about every Ottawa County school was closed today due to icy roads, including Allendale. Alas, our NPR station, WGVU, had a computer network failure and couldn't give us SkyView Traffic updates. WTF? Haven't you guys heard of phones? Turning on the TV? Listening to the radio, like WOOD-AM, which also uses SkyView Traffic?

Epic fail on a sliding driving morning.

Worse, because of yesterday's rains, the radio in the 1986 Blazer decided it wasn't going to work -- it's a grounding problem and usually not a problem in the winter.

So I had to go off to the south without knowing what the roads were like. The roads were glazed, which wasn't so much of a problem as the gusting winds coming and going. 4WD needed to keep the front end tracking against the sideways gusts. Like Thursday, not too much new slop until I hit Standale -- Wilson and M-45.


Had to drive to Holland on Sunday, so filled the tank. $3.79.9/gal for regular, 15¢ higher for midgrade, minus the 15¢/gal gas coupon. (grin) Monday night, gas had jumped to $3.88.9/gal, which meant midgrade and higher would be above the four bucks a gallon level. Just in time for the State of the Union.

I've been re-reading my entries from four years ago. Gas was half the price it is today. The economy IS feeling somewhat better, so the oil companies are back to gouging.

Meanwhile, On Campus

Though it doesn't directly affect me, now that I have a handicapped hangtag, our dept. chair has been on a campaign to get more faculty parking spots in Lot 61. Naturally, being a physicist, he backed up his letters with data. Last week the Parking Office said, Huh, guess you are shortchanged. And today, the north row of spaces changed from student "W" to faculty/staff "R".


Dr. Phil
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Saturday Afternoon

Snow day on Thursday for WMU, then lake effect snow bands all the way through Saturday afternoon in places. The sudden cool off and then frigid freeze after Wednesday night plus snow put down a nice layer of ice on the roads. Friday's commute in the morning was slow and cold at 11°F in Allendale. At times speeds on the highways was down to 25-30mph and 40mph on the freeways. This wasn't helped by the fact that there was bright sun south of Grand Rapids and many people thought they should be able to drive faster.

Coming home on Friday, my gauge is to check the reflection of headlights off the road surface in my rearview mirror -- quite glazed, actually. So I probably annoyed some people with my caution. (grin) By Lake Michigan Drive, the lake effect was creating vast clouds of airborne snow with every passing cars. Maintaining sight of the edges of the roads was not easy.

By 3:30pm Saturday, though, there was brilliant blue sky to the north, so I threw my cheap old 12mm f8 Sigma Fisheye on the D1, set it to f11 and took a quick shot through the sliding glass door. Followed by a couple of pictures with the 35-70mm lens at 35mm. I can tell that I am getting comfortable working with the Nikon digital SLRs, because I've regained my form of holding a camera and getting interesting shots without benefit of looking through the finder (double-grin) -- the part of the sliding door without the screen is behind a table and with the snows and cold, there's a good chance the sliding screen door wouldn't open if I tried it.

Boosted the contrast and darkened the shot to show the deep blue of the sky. The old fisheye isn't very sharp, so brightening it for detail didn't seem worth the trouble. (Click on photo for larger.)
©2013 Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon (All Rights Reserved)

View north out the deck showing the thick frosting on the trees. (Click on photo for larger.)
©2013 Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon (All Rights Reserved)

Second shot looking northeast. I liked the look of the fluffy ridge of snow that hadn't yet blown off the railing. And even without using the finder, that ridge fits perfectly in the curve of the trees. Sometimes I amaze myself. (Click on photo for larger.)
©2013 Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon (All Rights Reserved)

Meanwhile The Inevitable Rises

Beginning of last week gas was $3.38.9/gal for regular. I had a 50¢ and a 10¢/gal coupon for the Family Fare grocery gas station, so even with buying midgrade I was able to get gas under three bucks for once. Too often when I've had big coupons the price jumped so I end up paying what I would've before the increase. By afternoon the price had jumped 20¢/gal. And by Friday, it was up another dime to $3.68.9/gal, then $3.75.9/gal by the time I got home.

With the higher prices and the biting cold wind, I really resent standing there waiting for gas pumps to ask questions and think about the reply. Enter your ZIP code. Do you want a Car Wash? Do you want a receipt? Come on, it's not like you've never asked those questions before, you silly computers, and have to decide what to do with the NO and YES inputs.

The Neighbor

The guy across the road from us got a new toy -- a four-wheel ATV with a blade. He saw Mrs. Dr. Phil working the snow scoop during the first snow storm last week and he knows I'm walking with a cane these days. So when he runs up and down his longer driveway, he's been zipping up and down our 250 foot driveway and clearing off the daily accumulation. It's really nice of him. We got a $25 gas station gift car for him last weekend, since he didn't want anything for it. Right now I think he's really enjoying his new toy.

On Wednesday when I was hooking up the recycling bin with the garbage can inside to tow it back from the road, I noticed that there was several pieces of slag from the driveway in the square opening of the Blazer's Class III receiver hitch. That was odd until I realized that when I backed out in the morning I'd crunched up against the snow bank from the plowing -- presumably there were driveway stones picked up in the plowing. (four-wheel-drive-grin)

Dr. Phil

A Couple of Things

Wednesday, 9 January 2013 14:07
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Been Scarce With Updates

You'd think that with the holidays I'd have more time for blogging on LJ/DW, and I have a number of things I need to blog about, but this year we once again traveled down to Greensboro NC to visit my mom. That's two days of driving down and two back, plus the days spent in G'boro. Plus the day we delayed after Christmas to allow Winter Storm Euclid to slide on south of us through Indiana, Ohio and West Virginia. That was a day delay well spent -- other than a couple of flakes we saw in the last hours of the drive home, and I do mean flakes, we had decent driving weather.

The New Semester and Such

Classes began on Monday the seventh. Once again teaching two classes -- PHYS-1070 Elementary Physics (for the 26th time) and PHYS-2050 University Physics I (for the 22nd time). About a hundred in the one and seventy-five in the other. In 1110 Rood, the "regular" Physics lecture hall, which has railings along the stairs, which are a big help. (grin)

It's funny how we get into routines and rhythms. Last two semesters I taught, I had classes at noon and 1pm. This time it's 10am and 1pm. (1) I have to get up earlier -- ugh. Haven't done a 6am wakeup every day in a couple of years, it takes some getting used to, especially since my "perfect" timing has me going to bed at 4am. (evil grin) (2) The last two semesters I'd finish my two classes and have my lunch about 2pm. So... why is it that my Pavlovian response to leaving my first class at 11am is that I'm hungry? And I can barely "make it" to noon before I get out my sandwich? We are such creatures of habit.

At least I now have a handicapped parking hangtag, so I don't have to walk from across most of the Lot 61 when I get in.

Gas Prices

Gas fell down to $3.18.9/gal for regular the other day. AND we had another grocery store 50¢/gal discount coupon, which miraculously Mrs. Dr. Phil was able to use to fill the Bravada with on Monday morning -- before gas shot up to $3.38.9/gal. For once the discount coupon didn't go to make up the price jump. (supreme evil grin)

I was looking at my blog entries from early 2012 last night and I was screaming NO-OOOOOO! as the gasoline pundits were predicting $4 and $5 gas by the summer. Saying such things aloud gives them carte blanche to go ahead and do it, don't you know? So today they said that we were unlikely to have $4 gasoline through about June. Don't worry, some excuse will come along to ruin the summer vacation driving season.

A Pleasant Review

Yesterday I had a few minutes before class to kill, so Googled myself looking for reviews of my stories. Found one from November by a Hungarian blogger named Bogi (Boglárka) Takács, for my story "End Run" on Giganotosaurus. I really enjoyed her review, because she "got it" in terms of what I am trying to do with my military SF stories.
I thought this would be one of those "we are trying to emulate Golden Age SF" stories which I find deathly boring, but it wasn't. Instead of the glorious space military yadda yadda, it was surprisingly slice-of-life, and the plot revolved around an engineering mishap. I found that so refreshing! Yes, things go wrong - sometimes in really mundane ways, but still with spectacular (and horrifying) results. Space SF either tries to be blandly perfect or absurdly gritty, it's always good to see a story that manages to present a more balanced and realistic future.

Imagine my surprise when Jim C. Hines mentioned Bogi Takács' blog in his updated Hugo Best Fan Writer nominations musings. And the World-SF blog also wrote today about looking beyond North American borders for the Hugo Best Fan Writer noms. I've added Takács to my Blogger reader.

It's a small world out there. Big, and small.

Dr. Phil
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Here In Allendale MI

Detroit got a white Christmas, something that I guess has been rare the last few years, but the snowstorm that rolled through on Monday missed us completely. It was cold enough, with temps in the 20s, but no flakeage.

Winter Storm Euclid, which hits Michigan on Wednesday, will just graze West Michigan -- out here on the edge of the track we're expecting only about an inch. East and south of us will have much more snow on Wednesday and Thursday. Cousins in Arkansas report that Euclid produced a blizzard warning there -- they've never remembered having a blizzard warning in the thirty-odd years they've been there. And Little Rock hasn't seen a white Christmas since like 1926.

While it's been good not to have to go skating around the roads here, we're going to pay for all this lack of snow come springtime, when there is no moisture reserve, though last week's heavy rains may have helped a little. To say nothing of it being pretty and white on Christmas if it'd snowed.

Of course to put some perspective on it, a friend in Perth, Australia, says that they were the hottest place on the planet yesterday, running up to 40°C (104°F), and expecting 41°C highs on Thursday. Beach weather and living in "the aircon" is what they're reporting. Needless to say they don't get the whole bundled up for Christmas imagery. (grin)

Gas prices, which had gotten down to the $3.07.9/gal range in what I joked was a pre-Mayan Apocalypse Sale, went back up to $3.26.9 once everyone realized we were still here, and dropped down to $3.18.9 on Monday in a showing of Christmas generosity. Or not. Gas prices are capricious and even harder to guess than the weather.

Dr. Phil
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Whiplash Weather Changes

Wednesday and Thursday was our Indian Summer, I guess -- the highs hit 78°F -- and we had lows in the upper 60s. Immediately followed by lows around 33°F and highs in the 40s and 50s. Heck, Thursday, even as the temps were dropping, the house had gotten so hot I had to switch on the AC for a few hours to make the house comfortable for sleeping -- we had to close the windows due to the heavy rains.

Meanwhile, the East Coast is bracing for the Frankenstorm -- Hurricane Sandy + another storm front coming in from the west = Big Bad Snow Storm. We may even get snow from Sandy for Halloween. But I've written before about Halloween snows in Medina NY (DW) as a kid, so it's not a crazy thing.

Declining Gas Prices

Gas prices had been up close to four bucks recently, but they've been steadily dropping every day. Regular was $3.33.9/gal when I bought gas on Thursday -- down to $3.31.9/gal yesterday. I saw a similar run down in price leading up to the 2008 election. My theory is that the oil companies are trying to keep gas prices out of the election rhetoric. Yeah, prices were a lot less in 2008 -- gas had fallen from over four bucks in the summer of 2008 to $2.14.9/gal on Election Day.

It even continued dropping after the election, hitting $1.98.9/gal on the following Saturday.

Sure gas is higher in 2012, but remember the economy was imploding in 2008 -- things are a lot stronger now. I predict gas will be under two three bucks by November 6th.

Dr. Phil


New Year Week 2

Wednesday, 12 September 2012 21:37
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Back to classes. Back to work. Survived the week one parking free-for-all where they don't ticket students in the faculty lot. And before you think it's just whining, remember my current difficulty in walking -- I just can't go to a distant lot and then walk up hill to my office like I used to.

Using i>Clickers in my two classes -- the first time for me -- now that the university has settled on the third clicker brand in five years and most of my students have used them in other classes. Not using them for grading this semester, but the stats are interesting so far. As long as the answers are A B C D or E. (grin) Physics Dept. wanted the clickers that had numeric keypads, dammit. (double-entry grin)

Huh -- for $10 you can buy an app to run i>Clicker without using a clicker. And was amused to see a student raid the batteries from his calculator to run his clicker. I think he needs to buy some new batteries.

Decided I needed a clean new Windows 7 machine for the i>Clicker base station to plug into. Went by Best Buy a couple weeks ago and picked up an Asus Eee PC 1025C notebook for $199. $199! Dual core Intel Atom processor, 1.6GHz clock, 1GB memory, 320GB HDD. Weighs like two pounds. Named the machine KATNISS since I bought a Blu-Ray copy of The Hunger Games at the same time. (grin) This is the machine I did Iron Chef Flash Fiction (DW) at WorldCon with, as well as gave my PowerPoint which I'll report on Real Soon Now.

Of course if parking eased in week 2, commuting has gotten worse in week 2. One of the construction sites is creating a four mile twenty minute backup on the way home. Grrrr. Mostly avoided the worst of the construction summer woes, even on my trips to Atlanta and Greensboro.


Gas is running around $4.09.9/gal for regular, though my local gas station has upped its grade differential from 11¢/gal to 15¢/gal -- and as I usually get mid-grade for the 1996 Blazer, this is relevant. The last two tanks I've filled on the way home in Wayland and though regular is the same price, the Shell's differential is only 10¢/gal. Whoo-hoo.

Except the last couple of days I've seen two people reporting that gas is running around $1.85.9/gal in Cincinnati. WTF? That's 45% of the price here! I mean, you might be able to get a tanker truck of gas at retail Cincy prices, truck it up here and make money AND lower gas prices. It's like 380 miles!

I. Do. Not. Get. It.

Dr. Phil

PS -- Lots more WorldCon coverage coming!

A Long Tuesday

Thursday, 9 August 2012 01:08
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I Voted

Tuesday 7 August 2012 was Primary Day in Michigan. I was issued ballot number 264 and on the machine I fed it into, was counted as voter 105, though there are five precincts in Allendale and there were more than five machines.

But wait, I hear you ask, didn't you guys have your primary back on 28 February? No, that was a Presidential Primary (DW). Tuesday was the primary for all the Michigan offices. And also for any local issues.

It was hard to tell if there were any local ballot issues. The GRPress listed several Ottawa County issues in some townships, but not Allendale. The Secretary of State's website showed what was on the Allendale ballot, but said it didn't include all the local ballot issues. I suppose I could've called the township office, but what fun is that? And in truth, it turned out there were no local ballot issues.

Also, not much to vote for. See, this is a very conservative part of Michigan. As such, everyone is from the same party. The other party's primary consisted only of the incumbent Senator up for reelection, though I did think for a moment of writing in Candy Kraker's name for Clerk, because she's been doing a great job for years.

Anyway, someone has to vote for the opposition. (grin)

The Late Man Can Only Run Later

I didn't get out of the house as early as I'd planned. And then I voted. And I had to get gas, but I also had a bill to mail. Naturally, just before I put the bill in the mailbox, I realized in my rush I'd forgotten to put a stamp on it. So... park and go inside the Post Office. Huh -- I've been going through a stash of Forever stamps and haven't had to buy a single first-class stamp in some time. It's up to 45¢ now. It went up back in January and I'm sure I knew that, but buying sheets and booklets of Forever stamps just didn't register.

As for the gas, prices around here jumped up 25¢/gallon at least a week ago, as there were multiple refinery issues in Chicago/Indiana and then a pipeline shutdown in Wisconsin. Tuesday regular was down to $3.90.9/gal. Once again, the uncertainty of gas prices wiped out my discount slips from the grocery store -- 15¢/gal this time -- though I avoided paying just over four dollars a gallon for midgrade.

The Last Straw

Arriving on campus, I was surprised to see yellow CAUTION tape stretched across the width of Lot 61. All the K-rail barriers nearest to Rood and Everett were gone. Last week I'd noted that some of the benches and umbrella tables by the bus stop were gone, but I thought they were going to resurface the bare dirt where people were sitting. The bus stop is now on the northeast side of Rood Hall, instead of just west of it. Fortunately, on Tuesday there wasn't much going on beyond just the yellow tape and no one was going around as far as walking in.

Big empty space. (Click on photo for larger.)

Compare the previous to this view from the test shots with the Nikon D1H back on a sunny November day. (Click on photo for larger.)

Guess I'll find out in a few hours whether or not they're going to give us all of Lot 61 back... and whether they're going to mill out the asphalt torn up and diesel fuel stained by the buses and repave it all.

Dr. Phil
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Drought Status...

... reached West Michigan last week. Before that we'd been "abnormally dry". During my drive to/from Georgia, I saw a lot of stunted corn in Indiana and Ohio -- farms that weren't irrigating. Here, they're watering, but it's dry. And over the last couple of weeks, the few times there's been rain, it hasn't touched here.

Last night at 11:15pm half of Lake Michigan was awash in green (rain) and white (thousands of lightning strikes). An hour later the storm grazed us -- heavy downpour for a few minutes, then some lighter rain. Not sure how much we got.

This afternoon I was going to head out to Holland for some errands, but the downpour came again, followed by a good soak. Amazing how green things look right now, either things hadn't totally dried out or it's a illusion.

People who mowed have wheat colored dusty lawns. There are a number of dark black expanses along some of the roads where grass fires have broken out. No one is yet calling on how many of those might be associated with the relaxation these year of fireworks sales in Michigan.

I noted gas was down to $3.30.9/gal yesterday.

Dr. Phil
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Happy (Day After) Canada Day

I did post good wishes on Facebook yesterday, but I was pretty busy yesterday and didn't do a blog post. So Happy! to all of you who are of the maple leaf persuasion.

Meanwhile, as we gear up to our own Fourth of July, gasoline prices dropped from $3.53.9/gal to briefly $3.29.9. Now on Monday it's surged back up to $3.55.9/gal for regular. And the beat goes on...


We were quite surprised to see that Endeavour on PBS' Masterpiece Mystery was, in fact, an Inspector`Morse prequel. The Morse series was so fine, and the sequel Inspector Lewis has been wonderful. Could they catch the magic a third time with a young Detective Constable Morse back in the 60s? Oh yes, they did. Don't know if this was a one-off film or a pilot, but they captured so many future echoes, even down to the variation on the classic Inspector`Morse theme music, culminating in the full theme as the credits began to roll.

This is now you do episodic television. This is how you twist plots. This is how you wound your main character.

Utterly brilliant. And next week we get more Lewis and Hathaway.

Dr. Phil


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