Sunday, 7 February 2016


Sunday, 7 February 2016 23:22
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There was a time when the Super Bowl was held at the end of January. It's February 7th...

There was a charm to the Super Bowls being enumerated with Roman numerals. I guess L was too complicated, so it's Super Bowl 50...

CBS has been hyping this for weeks, with lots of TV stars transformed with golden clothes. The tag line has been -- This is the most important event in broadcast history.

Most important? Really?

Sorry, CBS. I'd go with the first moon landing long before I'd make it down to SB50.

So, what about the commercials, you ask?

Hulk versus Antman for a Coke mini.
Seal redoing Kiss of a Rose for Super Bowl babies. NFL hype.
Sheep singing Queen. Ridgeline pickup truck with bed speakers.
All were cute.

The hard edge Budweiser ad threatening that you might not be good enough for their beer -- fine. Fuck you, too. Big mistake after This Buds For You.

Halftime show? Damn, Beyonce has LEGS.

Eerie that so many residents had the game on, that when I would switch to CBS, there was this Sensuround effect.

There were a number of Call ins -- staff who couldn't make 2nd or 3rd shift. Way higher than Christmas or New Year's or ice storms. Weird that a lot of the guys are here. So a lot of people doing double shifts. My nurse and our aide, are doing doubles.

Time to get my aide to go into the closet and pull out the half a bag of miniature candy bars -- Snickers and 3 Musketeers and things -- after 9:40 -- the shift change starts at 10pm. The staff had a potluck, too. And ice cream. But I thought chocolate would revive them tonight. (grin)


Oh, the game? I watched it on and off. A lot of punts and sacks on both sides. It was within a touchdown for a long time. Alas, the result was:

Carolina Panthers - 10
Denver Broncos - 24

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